Decorative Painting ZOOM Class: Believe in the Magic

Country Painting Natale

Written by marika

December 20, 2020

It was a summer morning when I received that email… an email that really made my day! An email where someone was asking me to teach a Decorative Painting ZOOM Class. And that’s how the design Believe in the Magic came to life!

I’ve always taught during the most important craft shows here in Italy. To be honest, I’ve never imagined that somebody in the United States, that’s the “home” of Decorative Painting, would have noticed me!

I was thrilled, happy, and also a little scared in the very beginning, so I immediately thought… and now what??? What am I gonna do??? However, as soon as I took the pencil in my hand and I looked at the white sheet… everything was clear and in a blink of an eye my sketch was ready!
“Believe in the Magic” for my very first American Decorative Painting ZOOM Class!

Corsi Country Painting

The title “Believe in the Magic” actually comes from the fact that I think that everyone should always believe in the magic of dreams, the magic of the smile of someone we care, or the magic of a simple ordinary day… when you wake up and find out that someone on the other side of the world is getting in touch with you for a Decorative Painting class. And, as far as I know, I guess I was the first Decorative Painting designer from Italy teaching for American students.

I have to admit, the very first day of the class I was quote nervous! I waned to be sure everything was all set and especially that all students would have been happy with my teaching. I was a little concerned to make mistakes, especially because I would have taught in English, that’s not really my mother-language, but when I began talking… I actually never stopped! 😊

I always say that, right after painting, teaching is my favorite thing to do! I strongly believe that for an artist, and especially a Decorative Painting artist, it’s extremely important to share the art, but especially knowledge. One of the most amazing things of the Decorative Painting world is to see what students can do, and sometimes without even knowing it, and all the progress they can do brushstroke after brushstroke!

Well, “Believe in the Magic” was my very first Decorative Painting ZOOM Class and, surprise surprise… it’s not gonna be the last one!
There are at least two other classes scheduled with Artful Webinars and, who knows… this is just the beginning!
So, there’s always a good reason to believe in the magic… this is what painting or creativity in general are about: something magic making us believe in ourself and that, sometimes, makes the unexpected happen!
Happy Painting,

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