Decorative Painting Tutorial: how to create a textured background

Decorative Painting Tutorial: textured background

Written by marika

February 6, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you finish painting a project and you suddenly realize that it looks a little flat?
Sometimes it happened to me, especially when painting on big surfaces with much background around my main elements.
This not only made my painting flat and “boring”, but above all it didn’t give the right proportion between the main subject and the background. Yes, because we have to keep in mind that our backgrounds are just as important as the subjects of our designs, so we need to give them the right attention.
Therefore, and to be honest also because I had a fan brush and I didn’t know how to use it, I came up with this technique to create a textured background and I actually used it in many other Decorative Painting projects!
It could seem difficult, but it’s super simple! And with a tutorial you can see it yourself!

I know some of you already practice with Decorative Painting, but have you ever tried creating a textured background for your projects?

The technique that I use to create a textured background of my designs is very easy and gives a nice interest to the background, which somtimes could be a little flat.
You can use either white gesso, and apply afterwards the color that you prefer (other tutorial here), or you can also use black gesso, and in this case the color of the gesso will be your background color.

I used the technique to create a textured background in many of my Decorative Painting projects: Summer Memories, Winter Wonder, Welcome Spring e Fall in Love.
So, are you ready to try?

This is what you need to create a textured background

  • a canvas (regular or a hard-back canvas)
  • white or black gesso (I use the gesso by DecoArt Media)
  • a palette knife (metal or plastic)
  • a fan brush

This is a very easy technique, you don’t need to be perfect… you just need to move quickly because if the gesso starts drying out, it gets hard and it’s difficult to move it.
The texture is nice even with just one coat, but you can apply another one if you like.

Here it is: the Decorative Painting tutorial where I show you how to create a textured background 😊

So? What do you think about this Decorative Painting Tutorial about how to create a textured background?
Let me know in the comments what you think or if you need any help.

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Ciao, Marika

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