Decorative Painting ZOOM Class: Fall Lover

Country Painting Autunno

Written by marika

September 20, 2021

New project… new class! Here I am with another Decorative Painting Zoom Class and this time the project is “Fall Lover”!

I was invited to teach again for Artful Webinars, and I really had a great time! As for the other class “Believe in the Magic”, also for Fall Lover technology enabled us to organize a Decorative Painting Zoom Class.

Corsi Country Painting

It was such a nice experience! I had the pleasure to meet again some students who already painted with me, and this is always great! However, there were also new students, who had a great time and really enjoyed the class.

If you know me already, you know that, right after painting, teaching is my favorite thing to do! I strongly believe that for an artist, and especially a Decorative Painting artist, it’s important to share the art, but especially the knowledge. One of the most amazing things of the Decorative Painting world is to see what students can do, and sometimes without even knowing it, and all the progress they can do brushstroke after brushstroke!

Corsi Country Painting

When I used to teach to the conventions we have here in Italy (such as Creattiva in Bergamo and Abilmente in Vicenza) I often use to meet people who had never painted before. They were saying the exact same things I used to say at the beginning: “…I can’t draw”, “I can’t paint”, “I don’t know where to start from”!!!

Fall Lover is a designer that maybe I wouldn’t suggest to a beginner, just because it’s better to start from easier things.
However, if I think about my personal experience, it was actually a difficult project that made me think “I want to start painting”!

It was a Maxine Thomas design, an amazing teacher who is now my mentor (or as I like to call her… my Painting Mama😊). It took me some time before feeling ready to paint that piece, but it was the perfect motivation to start something new, to continue painting when I was not happy about my results and to improve every time!

And who would have ever imagined that now… I am a designer, a teacher! There are people who like painting my designs and I have students, not only in Italy, but I also teach Decorative Painting Zoom Classes in the US!
So, what can I say??? Sometimes the road can be difficult to walk, but you always need to do the first step!

Ready to paint your own Fall Lover???
Check out the pattern in the SHOP section!
Have fun painting!

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