Decorative Painting classes and my first Convention in the USA

Country Painting Christmas

Written by marika

September 4, 2022

I am finally back in my studio after an amazing adventure, after teaching 3 Decorative Painting classes. Where? At my first Convention in the USA with 3 SOLD OUT classes!!!

However, I want to take a few minutes to tell you a story

The story if a young girl (a bit older now) who has always questioned herself. Then, one day… maybe by chance or maybe not, she began moving the first steps into Decorative Painting. Some years later, after taking painting classes, and especially after lots of study, practice and a bit of encouragement, she began designing her own projects, publishing on painting magazines and teaching.

It was a summer night, during one of the many talks with her teacher, when her mentor said: “well, do you know that the Society of Decorative Painters is organizing a Painting Convention for next year? You should submit some design”. As usual… she began questioning herself… “oh, I will never get in!!!”

Days went by… and she was always thinking about it… then she realized she had nothing to lose.
Days for sketching, drawing and painting… 3 new projects came out.
Days waiting, and sometime she was questioning herself over and over… “if you’re lucky, only 1 project will be picked”.

Days went by again, then… all 3 projects were picked!!!

Oh, what a great satisfaction! And in that little moment, she realized she made it!!!
It took a while, but I realized that in a few months I would have taught my new designs: Christmas Festival, Friends on paper and Gnomie date night.

I really wanted to tell you this story. Not really because it’s mine, but because anyone has some uncertainties… it doesn’t matter how good we are in hiding them. As for me, I have never been good enough in dealing with mine. However, thanks to all the Decorative Painting classes I have been teaching over the years, I understood that we are our own obstacle. And when we have defeat ourself, that’s the biggest success!

Corsi Country Painting

Teaching at a Convention has been an incredible experience. First of all because I finally met in person so many people I only knew through social media and online classes. Then, it was awesome coming back to in-person classes, and doing it in Las Vegas was really great!

It was also a bit strange, but somehow satisfying, walking through the Convention Center and being recognized by other artists, teachers and students. I have always thought no one would have ever cared about that painter from that little Italy!😊

Preparing this Convention has been lots of work… all that base coating, or “what if I can’t fit everything in my luggage… or what if I panic and I can’t say a thing during the class???”
The very first day I was both excited and anxious, but my Teacher (and friend) Maxine Thomas came in the room, hugged me and said: “just do what you always do”. And that was it, I took a deep breath, I began talking… and I never stopped!
3 days of Decorative Painting classes and over 100 happy students at the end!

So, it doesn’t matter how long you have been painting, or if you have never painted before… if you have passion, if you practice and you believe in yourself… you can make it! Then, maybe, meet the unexpected!
And I’m telling you this because I have never imagined to fly from Italy to Las Vegas to teach my designs to a Decorative Painting convention.
Then, when the incredible happens, you just have to enjoy the magic! 😊

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