Christmas decoration with Decorative Painting

Decorazione di Natale in stile Country Painting

Written by marika

November 15, 2020

The Holiday Season will be here soon, lights will be on and it’s time to think about some new decorations! If you already know me a little… you can imagine I’m playing with Decorative Painting to create my own Christmas decoration!
This is another Free Pattern, so consider it as my Christmas present for you! 😊

This is another design I painted for Live with Art, an initiative that I already told you about some months ago. For the first edition I decided to paint one of my hedgehogs (you can find the Free Pattern here), while this time I wanted to share a design with my textured background technique.
I really like creating textured backgrounds because I think this gives some movement and dimension to the final design.

This is a very easy and fun technique I created, and I also used it in other designs: Winter Wonder, Fall…in Love, Welcome Spring and Summer Memories.

Decorazione di Natale in stile Country Painting

Actually, building a textured background is much easier than it seems!!! More and more often, we think a painting technique is really difficult, but in the end it’s absolutely not and we even have fun if we play with it! And I must tell you… having fun is the most important thing!!!😊

What? Are you thinking I am kidding? Well… on my YouTube Channel you can find two different tutorials on this: how to create a textured background and how to put color on it.

Besides these specific tutorials, I have other on the channel that could help you painting this design: how to shade by floating colors, how to highlight with dry brushing and how to use stencils.

This free project has most of the basic Decorative Painting techniques and it’s perfect if you are a beginner and you want to practice. However, it’s suitable also if you are an intermediate or advanced painter and you want to try to create and paint on a textured background.

If you couldn’t join the LIVE session don’t worry… you can find the video on my Facebook page Marika Moretti Designs.

There’s a box below that you need to fill in order to join the MAP and download the Free Pattern. In case you’re already in, just write your data again and the Download button should appear!
I hope you will have fun painting this Christmas decoration with Decorative Painting!

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