DecoArt acrylic paints: when you need a discontinued color

Colori acrilici DecoArt Americana

Written by marika

April 7, 2021

You have just begun with a new painting project, you are looking at the DecoArt acrylic paints on the instructions but, guess what…, it’s the time when you need a discontinued color! This happened to me sometimes, especially when I was a beginner painter and my studio was not so packed with paints!
Actually, this could happen anytime, because there are colors that DecoArt classifies as discontinued, so they are hard to get. And then? No problem!!!

Let’s see together what you can do if you need a discontinued color!

Marika Moretti Designs: Primary Colors

Well, I want to start from the fact that, as theory explains, there are two basic groups of colors: Primary colors and Secondary colors.

Primary colors are those that can’t be obtained by mixing any other colors, they are red, blue and yellow.
All other colors can be obtained by mixing Primary Colors.
this is the reason why we don’t have to worry when we are missing a color or when DecoArt discontinues one of our favorite values!

Personally, there are some discontinued colors that I love and I can’t stop using them! Antique Rose, that is my favorite color to float cheeks, Avocado Dip, a light green that’s perfect for highlights and my beloved Blue Mist, a light and kind of vintage blue.

Marika Moretti Designs: DecoArt acrylics

Being a Decorative Painting artist, I often wonder if it could be better to just stop using some colors because they are not “a trend” anymore.
I think it’s important to look at trends and to experiment new color tones, however I am convinced you don’t have to let trends influence you too much, especially because one of our favorite colors can be obtained by mixing other values or substituted by a color that’s close enough.
This is why, if I know a color is difficult to find, I always write a substitution or a color mixing tip to reach more or less the same tone.

So, this is what I did… I “stuffed myself” with patience and I made a list of all (I hope…) the discontinued colors by DecoArt and I tried to find the closest substitute. For sure some could be darker and others could be brighter, but I am sure it could be a good substitution!

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Well, so now you know what to do when you need a discontinued color by DecoArt Americana!

But also Decoart is helping us! They created a list of all retired colors and the color mixing recipe to make them again! 😊
You can download the file on DecoArt website, but I put it here as well!

I am sure you now know exactly what to do when you need a discontinued color among all the DecoArt Americana acrylic paints!
Have fun!

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