Tole Decorative Painting: fun for everyone

Decorative Tole Painting

Written by marika

March 11, 2022

A birthday party, a special occasion, Christmas… many times we need to make a present for someone, but we really have everything nowadays! So, what about making something special and unique?
Either if for a present or to give your own home a personal touch, in this article I want to tell you what is Tole Decorative Painting and why it is really fun for everyone!

Tole Painting is the folk art of Decorative Painting on tin, wooden utensils and furniture. This practice has ancient origins because it began in 18th century and was extensively carried on among German immigrants in Pennsylvania.
Decorative Painting is actually a term to identify many different techniques and styles, some can be more Primitive or whimsical, others can be more realistic.

Decorative Painting is really fun to do and it’s actually so accessible for everyone!

Why? Well, first of all because you don’t need to draw! So many times, I hear people saying: “I can’t do this!!! I can’t draw!!!” and my answer is always the same “you don’t need to!”

The reason is that you start from a drawing that someone else already did, so you only have the guidelines to transfer on your surface. Together with the painting instructions, the guidelines make what is called the Pattern, or Pattern Packet: that is your guide to paint the project. (Find out what is a Pattern Packet here)

However, practicing is the most important thing! Everyone has a personal speed and way of learning, so you don’t have to give up! I always suggest to start with a class for Beginners to start learning the basics, then move forward with more difficult designs.
You know… Rome wasn’t built in a day, right? 😉

I still remember my very first Decorative Painting class. It was in 2008 and I never took a brush in my hand before, well… maybe for some small Dècoupage attempts. My hands were shaking, but I was feeling I was having so much fun! Actually, I still remember how simply the “sound” of the brush touching the surface was really relaxing!

Country Painting Marika Moretti

The project was very easy, and when I look at it today, I see so many mistakes… But I don’t care! That cute chicken face is still hanging in my kitchen and every time I look at it, I see where I started from, what I did so far and what I want to do in the future!

Have you ever thought about what we can really do only being willing to do it, and having the patience not to give up? Well, this is what happens to me when I look at that cute chicken! Looking back at my very first Beginner class, that day I have never thought that after years I would have been a Decorative Painting designer, teacher and that I would have attended my very first Convention in the USA!

As I often say, creativity is a wonderful journey! And every journey begins with a little step 😊
Decorative Painting is really fun for everyone, and if you need help… you just have to ask!
I have been teaching for several US Chapters, for the Society of Decorative Painters, I have a YouTube channel… so I’m here to help! Have a nice journey

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