Decorative Painting tutorial: easy decorations with stencils

Decorative Painting tutorial: decoration with stencils

Written by marika

July 21, 2021

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need to create something, but you have absolutely no time for it? Or maybe where you see a decoration you like a lot but that’s too difficult to do?
Well, here I am again with another tutorial for you, my painting friends! In this Decorative Painting tutorial, I want to tell you how you can create easy decorations with stencils in no time!

In my opinion, stencils are fantastic when we want to add something more to our designs! We can use them for simple designs for a craft show, for last minute decorations to make some presents, but also for more difficult designs. They can be basically used on any surface: wood, metal, fabric, stone and also plastic!

We can use stencil in so many Decorative Painting projects!

For example, when we want to add a decoration to a specific element of our design or also when we want to decorate the entire surface we are about to paint, adding a nice and dynamic effect to the whole background.

Stencils are also extremely useful when we don’t have much time or also when we want to add a very detailed decoration, that could be a little too difficult or too long to do… like buffalo checks, little stars or knitted decorations. I’m not saying that these decorations are impossible to do without a stencil, but with a stencil is much easier, so… why do we need make it more complicated?

I have to say, I use stencils quite often and I like it because I can add something more to my designs and, above all, in no time! Both when I am working on some Home Décor project (like the Textured decoration wit stencils and acrylics or the Outdoor decoration with acrylics). However, I also use them in my Decorative Painting designs (such as Winter Trio Tags, Italian Christmas, Winter Melody, Always with You or Hug me).

This is what I used in this tutorial:

When you’re working on a background, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect!!! We are always talking about a background, so… of course it doesn’t have to be a mess, but it’s something that is going to be around the main design, so… don’t worry too much!

Here is my Decorative Painting Tutorial to create easy decorations with stencils! Have fun watching 😊

So, what do you think about this video?
I am very curious to see your decorations with stencils and, please, let me know if you have any questions!
Have fun painting!
Ciao, Marika

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