Decorative Painting tutorial: easy decorations with stamps

Written by marika

August 4, 2021

New video??? Oh yessss! In this Decorative Painting tutorial, I would like to tell you something about how you can create very easy decorations with stamps.

Stamps are something I started to use quite recently, even if I have always been very curious to try them. The problem was that it was quite difficult for me to integrate stamps in my painting technique. I’ve always seen stamps closer to other techniques like scrapbooking or mixed media, so it was a little difficult at the beginning to find the right way to use them to match my style. Then one day I told to myself: “Marika… let’s try!” and it was love at first sight!!! I am not sure why… maybe for that first attempt I was lucky I picked the right colors, or the right stamp… however, I started using them for many designs I painted afterwards

I have to tell you, using stamps really save my time in some cases, because some decorations like those “vintage” letterings, would be very difficult to do, but with the stamp… just one minute and they’re done!

Take a look at these designs: I love you in every season and all the Quick & Easy designs: Spring and Easter, Fall and Halloween e Winter Time

As for the stencils, stamps can be used to add a decoration to a specific element of our design, but also to add something more to the whole background of our surface. By the way, stamps are also suitable for other surfaces than wood: they’re good also for fabric, paper and tin. (see the stencil tutorial here)

This is what I used in this tutorial:

When you’re working on a background, keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfect!!! We are always talking about a background, so… of course it doesn’t have to be a mess, but it’s something that is going to be around the main design, so… don’t worry too much!

Here is my Decorative Painting Tutorial to create easy decorations with stamps! Have fun watching 😊

So, what do you think about this video?
I am very curious to see your decorations and, please, let me know if you have any questions!
Have fun stamping!
Ciao, Marika

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